I Want…

I want a life on fire, one that smolders and flares, rockets to the sky and slowly burns. I want a life fully lived!  I don’t want to lay my head on my pillow ever again and see my life as a collage of empty smiles, missed connections, or woulda, shoulda, coulda’s. I want to eat ice cream for breakfast and throw peanut shells on the floor and put gravy on everyfuckingthing. I want to lean my head out the car window, feel the cool breeze against my skin and watch the smile in my eyes in the side mirror as the air puffs up my cheeks. I want to run in the rain and paddle in the wind and ride bikes down the hill with no hands. I want to wear red converses with my dresses and say fuck when I want and repaint the cabinets as many times as I feel like it. I  want stay up to watch the sun rise and be exhausted on clean gray sheets and sleep in way too long. I want to play cards with cold beer and listen to old favorites and sing the words way too loudly while playing air guitar. I want ass smacks in the grocery store and ‘you better stop that’ eyes at parties and biting my lip so he knows what I mean. I want to watch movies that punch me in the gut and read books that make me want to rip them up and listen to songs that must have been written for me. I want to laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh. I want to love with every ounce of my being and give all that I have. And I want to do it all with him. I want my everyday to make him belly laugh, happy that I belong to him.

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