Tidal Wave

Behind her clenched eyelids,
With arched back and tilted head
In labored gasps and moans,
She’s immersed, being lead,
The blackness is no longer black
And the sheets no longer thread

She is transformed into fluid,
A rippling depth of dark and light,
Please stop and please more
Seemingly at odds, but not quite,
He the maestro of the current
In their duality, they ignite

Skillfully she’s driven
To her edge and back again,
As the moon pulls the tide
And the tide pulls the sand,
Where want turns to need
And need begs with fisted hands

Until his words open the dam
And the warmth of flesh over her floods,
In the surge of their tide
And swell of their love,
His control and her surrender
Equilibrium, they’re whole

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