Bound to Him

On humble, bended knees, I wait
Eyes closed, listening for his gate

Slow, ascending footsteps near
I feel his presence more than hear

Butterflies flutter as my insides smile
Not unlike when I walked down the aisle

Leaning in, warm skin on skin
Arms around me, he begins

Light brown hue and earthy scent
Jute unraveled with intent

Where his fingers end, rope begins
The prickly strength a part of him

Diamond shape and knots are wound
Lastly, crotch rope tightly bound

With each pass the ropes collide
Sending vibration far and wide

Arousal heightened, so responsive
Every touch intense, conscious

Vibe is added, rope sings a song
Hands and mouth claim, I belong

Awakening spirit, whole self to life
I am His, more than his wife

Vulnerable and open, to the core
Always giving something more

16 thoughts on “Bound to Him

    • Yep, jute, 6mm. It does itch. It has bite. But it awakens every inch of your skin, it feels like a strong, prickly embrace, a constant reminder, tugging with every movement. It’s so intimate as it’s applied, and it is the most vulnerable feeling to me, to not only be at his mercy, but to be so exposed and aroused and small at his hand. All because of that itchy jute!!


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