Amongst the Crowd

The sun is shining brightly, the lake is calm and cool, and the billowy, tree-lined mountains are gorgeous. We are at the annual week long family camping trip, nestled in the Allegheny mountains. It’s something we look forward to, every year.

Yesterday evening, we were all sitting around the fire, listening to music with family and friends, and a song comes on….it’s Pink Floyd, one of the songs M most always plays when he does these amazingly breathtaking things to me…..and my body immediately remembers. I’m unable to sit still, my cheeks warm and I feel a little flushed, my breath a bit ragged. I’m grinning and I don’t even know I’m grinning. With all the bustle and chatter around me, I unknowingly stare at the fire, my brain beginning it’s replay reel – that song, M and his magic, remembering all those delicious things at his hand. Wow.

Lifting my eyes from the fire, I see M looking at me, grinning….I’m looking at M….and we know. It’s just the two of us, our own little secret. Except, it’s not all that secret, this love we have. Anyone around us can plainly see just how and how much we love. But, those sacred things are ours, they belong only to us. Passing between us, that one look connecting our truest selves, even amongst the crowd.

11 thoughts on “Amongst the Crowd

  1. I love this and love you. I tried to tell you that via comment 8 hours ago but WP decided it couldn’t stay. Love you.

  2. How awesomely amazingly romantical you two love birds!!! I love these beautiful moments together when “the connection” sparks the blood flow between loves…๐Ÿ’–

    -Tom Wolf

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