Simultaneous Storms

Walls of white wet canvas
Violent serenade of rain surrounds us
Blackness all that eyes do see
Two silhouettes feeling nature’s music, free
Arms encase me, following your command
From your lips unto my hands
Violet vibration hums inside
Outside Magenta buzzes and glides
Storm clouds brew within us too
Needful rumble felt in every curve and thew
Agonizingly teasing, fast-fast-slow
Over and over your answer is, “No”
Eager leg lifted up and over yours
Talented fingers have me begging for more
“That’s my girl,” as viscous need builds
Storms eye focused, bodies thrilled
Face to face our silhouettes lay
Flashes of lightening strobe and play
Lighting your powerful, hungry eyes
Every ounce of me complies
“Please, Sir,” I plead again
“Yes,” you reply amidst thunderous din
Crashing waves of passionate release
Quiet and still on the outside, I please
“Good girl,” whispered in my ear
Encapsulating arms pulling me nearer
In the pitter patter of drops and strumming breeze
Kneeling, I honor upon my knees
To outer storm’s symphony we close our eyes
Storm inside quieted, our lullaby

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