Set Me Ablaze

With a single, brisk flick
And a slow, deliberate draw
Between those inciting, wet lips,
You set me ablaze,
A deep amber smoulder,
Like the coals still seething under the ash
In the campfire the next morning

In the background, there’s that rhythm,
That familiar pulse my body
Can’t help but remember,
The one that makes my heart
Flutter in anticipation,
A slow, ferocious burn
Aching to be stoked by you.

And there you lay,
Looking up at me
Commanding me with
Those rapt, hungry eyes,
A reflection of all I’m willing to give,
Reminding me
Exactly who I am.

I am your slow but eager sizzle.
I am your infinite ache.
I am limitless want
And wrecking need.
I am the stream of smoke extracted,
Inhaled into your lungs,
Never to leave.

I am yours to balance
Between nimble fingers,
Dragging and pulling,
Over and over,
Until the the only tangible part of me
Is where your lips surround me.
Consuming me.

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