She Knows It

This evening, we were all hanging out in the living room after dinner and chores. M was playing a video game with our youngest daughter (that I’m too uncoordinated to play) while I sat down on the floor in front of him to read. I opened WP, began to scroll through, and as I read, M periodically reached down to stroke my hair and tangle his fingers in my curls.

Pure bliss. Simple and infinitely blissful. Just an ordinary evening, all of us, content and hanging out.

Then my phone dinged. It was a text from a friend with which I’ve rekindled a long standing friendship, one with whom I’ve even shared my blog. She’s cool peeps. We’d been trying to schedule a dinner date.

After a few texts we’d figured next Friday was the first evening she was free, but I always check with M first and I’d realized he and I had just spoken about the possibility of having our own dinner dates on the Fridays E wanted to stay for open gym at gymnastics. So I asked him if he’d planned on it being a dinner date night. I told him I did not want to miss out on that time with him.

Before M could answer, E came over, sat on my lap, and said, “Mom, you have the rest of your lives.”

We just smiled. I smiled and hugged her big. M said, “You should go have dinner with your friend.”

I know E is right. I never doubted it.

The thing is, SHE knows it.

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