Medical shears, a vibrator, a suction cup dildo, a silver wire choker, and a tens unit – those are our most recent purchases from Amazon. Going to the actual sex shop here is something M and I like to do together occasionally (ours is awesome), but ordering from Amazon is usually much more time and cost effective. And who doesn’t like getting kinky shit in the mail?? In two days?!?! It’s also fun to have a running ‘Save for Later’ shopping cart full of fun ideas, right?

But, are we the only ones whose ‘Inspired By Your Shopping Trends’, ‘More Top Picks for You’ and ‘Related to Items You’ve Viewed’ (yikes!!) lists are NSFW? And certainly not safe for kids!

Oh, and just because we bought Ben Wa balls and anal beads doesn’t mean we want the yoga ball with the giant dick attached to it, but thanks anyway Amazon.

17 thoughts on “Yikes!

      • Professor is gone for the next week, SO, I can’t really get permission, SO, how could I possibly get in trouble for ordering everything I wanted? Right? 😉

      • Lol, go for it! But I see one of two things happening if he’s anything like M:

        1. Since I wanted them so badly, he’d use all of the toys on me at once until I begged him to stop. Then he’d use them some more. Maybe for several days, depending on how crazy I went.

        2. He’d hide them all. And I’d never get to know if we’d ever use them. And I’d pay twice for those toys, lol. (The number of times he strikes always has a significance, silly or not).

        Set aside the disappointment (that CRUSHES me) and the rest is a win-win, lol.

  1. I had to google “medical shears”, which turned out to be hilarious since I was a vet tech for nearly 10 years, and working in human medical offices the past 15 years. How many times have I said, “where are my scissors?” And that’s the kind I was referring to? Never knew that was the correct term. 😁

  2. Kay, I have a tens unit given to me by an MD for pain control. Now you have just opened my eyes to something I had not thought of. LOL Never in a million years would I have thought my tens unit could be a toy. Now I’ll be thinking about this all day as I cut back my Lilac bushes. At least now I will be entertaining myself while balancing with clippers on a ladder. Hehehehehe ❤

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