Short Circuited, Part One

Over the last two years, our rules and the process by which we evaluate them has evolved. The base rules with which we began have become second nature; they’ve become a part of our daily ritual, seamless (for the most part) parts of our daily lives. At the start, M devised them, we discussed them, and then we reviewed them monthly, or if something important came up, we’d address the issue in that moment.As we’ve grown, there are some rules which have been tweaked, some have been added and deleted, and others added and revised, but over the last few months we found that we needed a way to better meet our changing needs. So, M had us try the addition of weekly rules/goals, which we review every Sunday evening during our alone time. Thus far, it’s been a wonderful way to assess where we are, what we each need, and how to meet those changing needs amidst our busy lives while staying connected, making our relationship a priority.

This past Sunday, after we reviewed our weekly rules/goals, M added a list of sexual things in which we’d engage, general terminology for what we’d be doing each night. For example, Monday evening was, ‘give one another a bath and use rope’. No specifics, just those words…..because he knew it’d get my mind wandering. It would (and it has!!!) heighten my anticipation, give us a way to further connect during this stressful week (job interview, late meetings, activities, etc.), and also give him a tool with which to tease me. M really loves to fuck with me. In fact, he enjoys that sort of mind fuckery, in many shapes and forms.

And that brings me to yesterday. We’d had dinner together, run the kids to and from their activities, and along the way we’d found a quiet bit of time in a coffee shop to have a much needed discussion about our jobs, our oldest daughter, and my blogging (I’ll get to that soon). The girls were in bed, I’d showered, and I’d sat at his feet in front of his chair, like usual. As soon as I looked up at him, he asked, ‘Do you remember what’s on the list for tonight?’ Of course I do! And that’s exactly what I said! With a coy grin, he asked if I’d been thinking about it all day. Again, of course I had…but he knew that…that’s why he’d asked. Then, he asked what I’d been thinking about with regards to what it said. The list simply said, ‘Use toys’. That’s it. I knew he meant the actual toys, not any implement made for impact and not rope, because he’d specified those on other nights. And my imagination had went WILD. All day.

I could not possibly describe the sheer number of scenarios I’d pictured, the combinations of deviousness, or the resulting bliss. No way, it would take all night. I told him I’d daydreamed and imagined what he might use, how he’d use what he chose, or what he might ask me to use… which he replied, ‘I was thinking we’d use them all.’

What??? Oh. Holy. Shit.

You should have seen my face. We have quite a few toys and I love them all, even the ones I love to hate. But, I’d NEVER imagined we’d use them all at once. Not one time. I figured it would be a few and that was it. I had figured there’d be some sort of challenging happening…maybe edging or forced orgasms, possibly the tens unit, or anal play of some kind. I figured he’d be fucking with me, with my body and my brain.

M just grinned and said he’d been thinking he’d lay them all out and we’d go from one to the next, until we’d gotten through them all. As this was sinking in, I thought for a minute and said, ‘Sort of like circuit fucking?!?’ And we laughed and laughed.

But….he’d actually meant something along those lines! I could tell by his expression that his laugh was because the term was funny, but also because he was dead serious – he was planning on it, and he knew it was a thrilling trepidation and anticipation for me. He loves the tease! He loves to get my brain working! He loves that even when I know, I don’t know, that it keeps me off balance and slightly apprehensive while also wanting to dive right in! And, even if I did know it all, he loves that building anticipation, knowing that he can create it, knowing that I’m a little off-balance and aroused and wanting all the same. He knows it’s a form of mind fuckery, a way to challenge me, and he loves that. So do I. And I knew it would continue downstairs….

Before he went to take his shower, M spoke about stations and even about timing the activity, but no other details. He asked me to get out 6 specific toys (not every one we own, phew!), lay them out on the bed, and wait for him.

When he arrived downstairs, we did our nightly ritual and then he set up 4 stations. He climbed onto the bed, got out his phone, and explained to me what I was to do at each station.

Here were his instructions:
- I will time you. You have 30 seconds at each station. 
- Use the toys how I’ve described. 
-When I tell you time is up, immediately stop and move to the next station and begin.
- No cumming.

All I could do was smile and say, ‘Yes,Sir.’

Intriguing? Yes! Hot as hell? Uh-huh! Was my belly full of knots as he spoke? Absofuckinglutely!

I’d done all of those for him things before, both being edged and forcing orgasms….but never one after the other….certainly not timed….and I wasn’t allowed to cum…nor did I have any clue how long I’d have to go on, what might happen along the way, or what may happen after, and so on. But I knew I wanted to please him. I knew I’d do whatever it took to follow his instructions.

And then he had me begin…

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