Anniversary Trip

 Packing for our anniversary trip – 17 years married, 22 together. This is a good portion of our collection, aside from the plug I’m wearing. 😉

Have a fun weekend, all!


35 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip

    • Lol. We are going to a log cabin from the civil war era, out in the middle of nowhere. You’re crazy! I love ya, woman, but I don’t share well. I’m afraid only one of us would return.😜

      • I knew exactly what you meant. I am one kinky Bitch and will try just about ANYTHING once. But, what I will NEVER be is someone who even thinks about disrupting the love of a committed marriage. But, I am ALWAYS willing to share. 😉

      • Lol, me too! Except for that sharing thing. And I know, crazy lady! I NEVER considered that about you. I’m a ‘whatever floats your boat’ gal. I’m happy if you’re happy, end of story. But, please, feel free to tell the story.

  1. Wow. That’s quite the collection. Have an incredible weekend and maybe pack a pillow to sit on😁 Love you tons❤️❤️❤️❤️

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