Exploding Out

M and I recently went on a long weekend trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He decided to borrow his mom’s car for the ride, a very comfy luxury vehicle compared to our practical utility truck. Loading up the trunk with our suitcases and big duffle of toys, he also secretly snuck the canes to the car. Then, we did one last sweep of our room and went to say our goodbyes.

In order for us to be able to go, my mom was kind enough to come to stay at our house and take care of our girls. She was going to be sleeping in our room, so during my last minute de-kinky sweep of the room, I noticed one of the slips of paper from my bowl of fantasies (M draws one once a week for us to do together) sitting on the nightstand and quickly put it in my pocket. Crisis averted, right?

You see where this is heading, don’t you??

Last night, M’s mom sent him a text. It was a photo of that slip of paper, which must have fallen out of my pocket or been left in the console of her car. Under the photo it read, “Please tell me this did not occur in my car.”

The slip of paper described an unusual sexual position combined with a rope tie, 100 cane whacks, teasing and edging, fucking, a blow job/cumming on me for M and total orgasm denial for me. In detail.

Nothing like outing yourself by exploding from the closet.

Cue instant mortification. Blood leaving my face. Uncontrollable, embarrassed laughing. ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.’ Hands on my cheeks trying to remember to breathe and a sinking, clenching feeling in my belly.

And M, laughing his ass off.

He replied, telling her it was a slip of paper from a game I played at a bachelorette party, that I’m really embarrassed, and that he’s laughing his ass off.

To which she replied, “Ha ha.”

That’s it.

So, maybe she bought it, maybe she didn’t. Either way, it is what it is. What else can we do but laugh? She knows without a doubt that M and I are happy, so whatever comes of it I’m sure will be fine. I hope.

My ass, on the other hand, will not.

38 thoughts on “Exploding Out

  1. I would ask my mom in law why she was meddling ๐Ÿ˜Š She would get a kick out of it and wouldn’t know whether to take me serious or not! Lol!! Great for an awesome laugh!!!!

  2. Sometimes it is just better to laugh and think “did we really think we invented all of this.” I must be getting old. For I fear the answer is we put our slant on the game but we certainly did not invent it. Off to 5 days in a cabin hanging off the side of a mountain here….you are just a wonderful influence!

    • So true, R!! She is certainly not naive! Honestly, I imagine she’ll say something to me and maybe M too. We are not entirely close lipped about sex, but we would not have gotten into that much detail! But, since it is out there, so be it. It is what it is, it is who we are, and we are not ashamed. If she intends to have a conversation about that, I will.

      Oh, have a lovely time!!!

  3. We are STILL laughing about it! Sorry my love but that’s the best since I asked my mother if she wanted me to pull up my shirt and pinch my nipples hard – thinking I was talking to D.

    You made our day<3 That's why we love you so.

    • Lol! And, despite the punishment I got, M and I laughed and laughed too! Still today!

      I remember your story, haha!!

      After the initial shock has died down, I’m actually not worried about it at all. I’m not ashamed. It is what it is and we are who we are. We are not ashamed. We are happy. Nothing else should matter. I had not intended to share such explicit information but shit happens!

      • ABSOFUCKINLUTELY! You know how I feel about it. If you gonna do it – own it. There is no shame in loving no matter how we choose to love.

      • Yes! You know I agree. I just also don’t care to drag in unwilling witnesses, you know? If she wants to discuss it, I will! If not, that’s good too.

      • LOL! No need to traumatize but absolutely no need to disguise who we are from the people who love us. I don’t offer it up but I don’t hide it either. If something is found and something is asked – we say “are you sure you want to know?”

        Most the time makes for very short conversation. Only my brother-in-law said “Yes” so we spent an hour talking with him about it.

      • Thus far, I’ve not really encountered it by leading from the sexual aspect. I’ve had conversations with my mom, sisters, and some friends about the way in which we live, even sharing my blog with one friend. I think it through me because it was M’s mom, and while my instinct is to not lie, (maybe my response would have been, “your car is still pure,” and left it at that), his was not. And at first, I thought it was because he was embarrassed for himself, but that wasn’t it. That slip of paper was written by me. It was explicit. His instinct was protecting me.

        Neither of us are worried or feeling anything negative at this point. The situation made us talk and think and be better prepared for possible future encounters!

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