My Ass Is Counting on It 

Exploding out of the closet with M’s mom has prompted so many talks the past couple days with M and I.

When it first happened, I felt terrible to have put us in this position. It was careless. While we are not completely close-lipped about matters of a sexual nature, we’d not have discussed sexual things to that degree. We are fairly private people in that area, when it comes to family and the general public.

So, our immediate, knee jerk reaction was to be embarrassed and shocked. We’d never intended to shove that much kinky in anyone’s face without feeling as if the other person was a willing participant of the receiving. That’s not fair.

But now, after the initial shock has died down, our thoughts have evolved. M’s mom is a wonderful woman; she loves and respects us and knows we would not do anything harmful to the other, nor are we absent-minded, irresponsible people. As my friend Robin pointed out, M’s mom would not have sent the message if she wasn’t being slightly playful about it.

Knowing her, there’s a good chance she’ll bring it up in person, playfully. Here’s the thing…M was trying to protect me when he came up with that awesome reply about the paper being from a bachelorette party. He was trying to help me, to save me from being embarrassed.

But, if she brings it up, I don’t think I can have a poker face while telling a lie. I don’t really have it in me anymore. And, we are not ashamed. It is what it is and we are who we are. We are happy. Nothing else should matter. We had not intended to share such explicit information, but shit happens!

So we’ll roll with whatever happens, while being authentic. No need to get explicit again in my/our responses to her, but, just like my friend Rita said, there’s no need to disguise who we are from her either.

We have a better understanding of how we each feel about engaging with our loved ones should any such similar situation arise, whether it’s sexual in nature or regarding the way we live in general. Also, we discussed how to be more responsible with information that is explicit or possibly exposing to those with which we don’t wish to share.

My ass is counting on it.

10 thoughts on “My Ass Is Counting on It 

  1. Thanks for the shout out, and I meant what I said. His mom sees two people in love with each other more and more each day. That’s all she wants for her kids. Now go play and have fun!!!

  2. Your just too sexy for your closet! Too sexy for the car. Too sexy for the in-laws. As you do your little dance on the catwalk . . . .

  3. I am pretty sure his mom is aware that times have changed and some things between couples just aren’t what they use to be. Be honest to a point without oversharing. What you guys have is amazing!

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