There was once a girl inside this chamber
Nestled in my heart,
It’s where she safely laughed and played,
So we were never far apart.

A very long time ago,
She skipped and giggled free,
Until the scary darkness came,
Causing her to flee.

The darkness began to multiply,
And she’d hide more each day.
Before too long she stayed inside,
And never came out to play.

I locked tight the chamber door,
To save her innocence.
In hopes one day there’d be a safe place,
In which we could sing and dance.

For years she frolicked all alone,
Nestled safely in my core.
Waiting to trust the sunshine,
So she could play freely once more.

Then one day I looked around,
And realized the sun had been SHINING.
I’d missed it while guarding the chamber door;
I couldn’t see the silver lining.

Now she roams, unrestrained,
Her smile upon my face.
Another set of eyes to see,
On this journey I embrace.

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