Today was an ordinary day.

I woke to a buzzing hum, to trembles and glistening skin, to following.

I dressed with sleepy eyes, but with warmth and excitement, as I slipped into the outfit he’d asked me to wear.

I made breakfasts and lunches, gleefully interrupted by a behind the back, engulfing embrace, a hand tugging in my hair, and hearty swats on the bottom.

All day, my mind drifted, replaying moments in time, as I busily worked with warm cheeks and butterflies flying around in my belly.

I walked by the shelf in the kitchen, bumping my rear against it, the sore tissue sending a smile to my face and exhaling a ‘mmmmm’ from my lips.

I heard the distinctive ding on my phone, and my eyes lit up as big as my smile.

I closed my eyes, relishing the feel of strong, yet gentle fingertips running through my curls, stopping every so often to stroke my cheek or dip downward into my collarbone.

I looked into his eyes and I saw my future. I saw happy.

Today was an ordinary day.

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