Each week on Sunday, M and I make time to review our weekly goals and expectations. Over the past couple of months, those have gradually evolved. So many of the original rules are things which we just do, so M has gradually added some which are meant to further invest in our connection. The weekly things have moved beyond those and have allowed us to constantly evaluate where we are and what we each want or need.

To our main set of rules, for example, he’s instituted the goal of taking a getaway weekend or evening at least once a quarter. Also, we do a date night every week, even if it’s just out for a brief coffee.

In the weekly rules, he’s added that Sunday is our most lengthy impact evening and Friday is the night we do something from the fantasy bowl.

More and more, M is injecting very specific wants and desires, especially to those weekly goals/expectations, things which he finds to be deeply gratifying, but which he also understands fulfill a need in me as well. Isn’t that fucking unreal?!?!

Now, he tells me what he’d like me to wear every day, whether it’s clothing, or a hairstyle, or both. He requests pictures, gives me sexual or other tasks, and even gives me homework to research or family-type tasks to complete over the course of each week.

This week, I was told that when he requests me to wear my collar, I’m to remove the day choker and await him, as he will be the one to place it around my neck.

Also, I’m to learn how to make the perfect old fashioned. It will be called ‘his drink’, and he’ll request that I make it for him when he’d like one. The best part is that when he explained it to me, he related it to the same feeling of me wearing and him seeing me wearing the choker, him putting on my collar and me wearing it, and also me wearing things he likes and him getting to appreciate that. All of those things please him and also fulfill a need in me! It’s always a win/win, an endless loop!

I’m in love with the continual evolution. I’m in love with the opportunities to continually please him. I’m in love with the further deepening of our connection and the freedom to constantly communicate and do so.

I am so deeply in love.

13 thoughts on “Deeper…

  1. Amen!!! The flaws, fuck ups and imperfections make you stronger as a couple because you work through them with a common goal:each other. That’s what makes it that much more special that others don’t get.

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