You asked…

as we molded ourselves to one another, two bodies tucked into a pocket of bunnied flannel, you asked me, softer than the moonlight whispering through the drapes, what makes me most happy, as if your arms were not the answer, as if you were not what I should say

your name so fluidly sung from my lips, and I felt your smile against my cheek, then a pause, just long enough for my chest to rise, as your smile changed to some unfamiliar sadness, heavy against my shoulder, and you asked, “what about when I’m gone?”

and I couldn’t make the air leave, I couldn’t find the words, I just clung to you, sinking even deeper, melting myself into your skin, as I caught a glimpse of fate’s possibility, fearing if I spoke, my words would turn to dust just as I imagined my heart would turn to ash if I were here, between the sheets, and you were gone

19 thoughts on “You asked…

  1. Don’t dwell on the what ifs. We all know it’s a reality of life. Enjoy the here and now and spend every precious moment loving each other.

  2. This has always been my biggest fear and it does seem there is even more at stake now. At the same time there is a weird sense not of peace but acceptance maybe? It’s hard to explain.

  3. Oh this is beautiful sweetie! Truly beautiful.

    I don’t fear it anymore and neither does D really. Our need turned the biological corner along time ago and morphed into sort of an empowerment; the focus became about making each other strong enough to stand alone with the other firmly ingrained in our spirit.

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