Ragged breathing
Arrhythmic beating
Locking eyes
Slippery thighs
Ass whack
Arching back
Undulating hips
Soft fingertips
A rhythm, silent
Compelled, compliant
Speckles of light
Thoughts in flight

Please, Sir?
Not yet, Love

Uncontrollable urging
Outward surging
Summoned expertly
Binding energy
Threatened explosion
Involuntary motion
Muscles taut
Emotions wrought
Contracting, flexing
Reactions perplexing
Forward plunging
Inhibition expunging

Please, Sir, please?
Not yet, Love

Pinnacle of light
Eyelids tight
Vortex spinning
The end beginning
So close

Please, Sir, please, may I?
Come for me, Love
Come with me

Delicious heat
Souls complete
Tingling, telescopic
Narrowed vision, myopic
Guttural moans
Words unknown
Released together
Bound forever

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