Fresh out of the oven, so oh-yes-heavenly

Just-right brown, the smell’s a damn felony

Taste-bud-screamy, eye-bulging candy

Wonder how many would fit in this handy?

Gonna steal just this one while he’s outy

Despite my second-thought, oh-god-doubty

Oooh, it’s so chocolatey and extra-large-chippity

That I need my two small hands to grippity

It’s rather oooy and oh-so-tasty-gooey

That I poked my middle finger right throughy

And so chewity and mouth-watering-chompity

A melt-in-my-mouth scrump-rompity

But, if I get caught, I’ll probably pout-stompity

And my ass will get all whomp-whompity

Is it worth the amazing taste-bud-festivus?

Or is the indulgence just too superfluous?

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