Dare To Dream

I dare close my eyes,

To be still and content,

Despite the blackness,

Threatening ascent,

Almost instantaneously,

Feeling rapid descent,

But it’s not black,

Where was I sent?

It’s all so bold,

And lines are bent,

In technicolor,

With vivid accent,

Non-linear and sharp,

The not-shapes torment,

Rippling hues spinning,

A vortex of dissent,

Hands and fingers pawing at me,

A sea of malcontent,

A sensory kaleidoscope,

I’m overwhelmed, spent,

Rapid breath in all blues,

But it’s stuck like cement,

I can’t feel my skin,

Is this going to relent?

Am I still sleeping?

Where have I went?

If this is dreaming,

I don’t give my consent,

Bring back the blackness,

This is not what I meant

8 thoughts on “Dare To Dream

  1. A fantastic piece of writing. It had me captivated and even holding my breath until the end. Bring on the blackness! ๐Ÿ™‚

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