Kink Next to the Sink

Did you ever have the feeling there’s some DAMP in your PANTS?
Or some RISE in your LEVI’s?
Sometimes you can be quite CERTAIN there’s been some JERKIN’ behind the CURTAINS.
Sometimes I have the feeling that his COCK is like a ROCK.
And that PLUG upon the RUG!
I have worn that one myself. 
That’s the kind of house I live in.
There’s some KINK next to the SINK. 
And a CROP in the SHOP,
It’s rather nice, I THINK (it’s new, the old one broke on my ass!).
We are quite friendly. 
But we don’t DARE to SHARE.
With PORN we’re sort of TORN. Some is just plain funny.
Some makes him pull my HAIR. 
I like the OUCH upon the COUCH. And the binding of my HAIR to the dining room CHAIR. 
But that WHIP upon my HIP….Well, I wish it wasn’t THERE. 
I enjoy the CANE with no DISTAIN. And the FLOG scares the DOG, but we like it just the SAME.
The only one I’m really scared of is the beater of the RUGS upon my JUGS.
I don’t like that, not at all. 
My favorite is the cane of WALNUT on my bare BUTT.
It puts a smile on my MUG. 
I don’t care if you believe it. 
That’s the kind of house I live in.
And I hope I never leave it.

*In honor of Dr.Suess’ birthday!

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