Skeleton Key

I live in your words
Breath in every syllable
Take sustenance in every 
Roll of your tongue 
Each tooth-touch and 
Lip-biting pronunciation
Snuggling into your context 

And your words!
They flutter from your soul
Alive, fertile 
Taking root in my soul
Caressing my emotions
Sewing me into your will
And stitching me into your desires

Your words touch everything 
That was once untouchable 
Telling everything untold 
Your words hold my beating heart 
They lift me up, challenge me
And inspire me
I, the keyhole with the pouting lip

Your words are the gentle scrape 
Of metal against metal
The tumble and the click
Acknowledging my desperation 
For approval 
And my absolute delight in your praise 

Speak to me
My skeleton key
Unlock me

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