Hello, Dear Friend

~photo courtesy of listcrux.com
there are these deep set, vivid green eyes staring at me, transparent, yet saturated with the depth of long roads traveled, courses diligently charted, wars fought and won, some lost, but either way, she never gave up  

their warmth tells tales of love, the kind which permeates her soul and never dies, the kind that grows and evolves, seeds selflessly sown and soil organically enriched with her bare hands 

their penetrating regard alludes to a life with sharp edges, eroded over time by life’s river whose water was made less murky as she filtered out the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s to see deeper, to finally see clearly her own reflection 

there’s something in her eyes that nothing earthly could ever extinguish; I have no doubt her eyes possess a radiance, even amidst life’s darkness 

looking in the mirror, I see my oldest and dearest friend 

hello, hope, I’ve missed you 

*written in response to the Daily Prompt, friend.

7 thoughts on “Hello, Dear Friend

    • Thank you, Cathy! She is. She’s always been there for me. I do believe hope and trust go hand in hand! I’m not sure you can have one without the other. If one dims or we lose sight of one, the other suffers. And sometimes, even amidst hope and trust, it’s possible to get so overwhelmed and worn down, that’s all we have left, and we must ask our loved ones for help. That’s no easy task! But it’s necessary, it’s what grows the love and trust…and hope!

  1. Beautifully written.
    I need to look a little harder for my own hope – I know she’s there, but battered as all get out.
    I’m glad I read this today. Thanks.

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