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If you are broken,
I feel I must always be strong
Even when I’m brittle
Cracks splintering so long

If you’re so broken,
Oh, God, what if I break, too?
Who then will carry us?
Who will see us through?

If you are broken,
And I’m broken too,
Maybe you can pick up the pieces
And I can be the glue?

11 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Two willing hearts bound by true love can always find a way to secure each other in times of brokenness for they are no longer two… but one; and they are on a mutual journey to heal each other. Excellent post, Kay.

    • I think so! Don’t be sad. It’s a long story I’m happy to share sometime, but M has some physical issues which take a toll sometimes. It’s been a long road and it’s been easier to feel the hope dissipate, with his health and with my job situation on top of that. But he recently started a new job, we have a goal of me doing the same within a year or so, and he’s having another surgery soon, so our hope is returning.

  2. I love this poem, the denouement made me laugh out aloud… which maybe was not the intention, but it was such a surprise for me that there can be wry humour among such pain.

    • Thank you, Jack! I honestly believe that wry humor amidst pain and seemingly insurmountable situations is maybe what saves us! Laughter heals and binds, I think.

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