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illuminated by the heavens,
I stood, gazing at the night,
the cool stillness surrounding me, 
as shadowed limb’s impossible angles reached to the gods, 
in reverence,
some leaning above me, protectively,
as if nature herself
was guarding me,
making significant my connection 
to the sacred ground
beneath my feet

only when I felt you drawing near,
was my focus averted,
suddenly, sensing you all around,
enveloping me,
penetrating my depths,
a familiar pulling,
your stardust soul,
from afar trying to gather
the dust of mine,
desperate to shelter 
it’s innocent sparkle

naturally, my body
gravitated toward yours,
the arch of my back,
the curve of my hips,
the bend in each and every muscle had become the outline
of your silhouette

my life line longed 
to be rooted to yours,
just as the tree above me
was rooted to Mother Earth,
and she to the heavens above 

my breathing slowed
as we merged, syncing to yours,
time’s passing stopped,
my chest’s rise against your arms
the only tangible evidence 
of earthly life 

behind my closed eyelids
danced a kaleidoscope of light,
stardust joining stardust,
one collective soul

my body had attained
memory of you,
but our souls had
achieved much more,
and I knew we’d gained something
only the spirits are privy to

13 thoughts on “stardust

      • That’s because it IS! We are so much more than flesh and blood. We truly are stardust held in vessels capable of releasing the powerful love seeds that continue to expand the universe. Sadly, many are content with spilling theirs for a touch of lightning behind the eyelids. Quintessential flashes in the pan of life❤️

      • Yes!! And I feel it with friends, too (and others, but that’s another poem). I think that’s why we both have stardust poems today.

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