Hands in the Air

I could stare into the looking glass
And pretend I do not see
I could cherry pick the highlight reel
And pass it off as me

I could sing you happy, bubblegum tunes
One’s with a catchy beat
For tapping toes and stuffing woes
All sugar-coated and sweet

I could, but I’m not going to
It just isn’t the way I ride
Life has edges, both smooth and sharp
And I want them all in stride

I prefer to savor every grain
What poisons and what soothes
The things that knock me way off center
And the ones that fill my grooves

Things that inspire my fluttering heart
And desires that stretch my soul
Even (especially!) things that deflate my ego
Help to make me whole

Maybe that feels like a roller coaster
And makes you want to hide
But if you love both ups and downs
C’mon, let’s take a ride

~photo credit YouTube.com

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