Mattress Mishap

Yesterday, two men came to inspect our mattress in accordance with our warranty. It’s been a year, and the mattress has gotten more and more uncomfortable (possibly from an abundance of ‘activity’?!?!).

In preparation for their visit, M took care of ‘de-sex-toying’ the room while I made his lunch bright and early. He went off to work, I began work, and a couple hours later, the mattress guys came. I removed the bedding for them and left them to it.

About 15 minutes later, they came up and told me they were finished. The one gentleman explained the issues they’d found: sloping to the left, several depressions 1.5-2 inches in depth (kneeling divots? knee/elbow pits?), a bulge in the middle horizontally (under the hook?), etc. He did so without ever once making eye contact.

And then, he showed me pics, as he described the issues. In one pic, plain as day, was one of our clear toy tubs out from under bed frame. If he’d zoomed in, I’m certain anyone could see its contents. Still no eye contact. From either gentleman.

Later, I was describing, in text to M, the visit. That’s when he realized he hadn’t put away two of the clear containers or removed the mattress restraint system.

Those gentleman had moved the bed and seen both containers. They’d removed the mattress to get a pic of the box springs and confirm they were in perfect working order. In order to do so, they’d also had to remove said mattress system, take the pic, replace said mattress system, and place the mattress on top!

Which explains the avoidance of eye contact.

And the corporate office now has photo evidence of some of what lies beneath our bed.

35 thoughts on “Mattress Mishap

  1. With this vital information, perhaps they can improve on their mattresses, or even make a “special” mattress…grins.

  2. I am logging in on a different icon, my comments are not showing up, I said perhaps they can come up with a new and better matter…a special mattress…grins.

    • I agree! I saw the toy box in the pic, smirked a little, and kept going. I did not know about the mattress system until later. But we are who we are! Lol
      Thanks, Tiffany!

  3. Omg, Kay! Lol. Many years ago my MIL decided to tidy our bedroom while she was visiting and we were at work. Why? Because she’s a meddling…woman. When I got home, I found that she’d moved our sex toy tub into the closet. It had been beside the bed. I was pissed but that’s what she gets for being nosy. I hope she was embarrassed. I wasn’t.

    • Lol! That’s hilarious! Good for you not being embarrassed!

      I wrote a while back about a time last fall when M’s mom found a slip of paper in her car…detailing a very explicit fantasy M asked me to write for him. We’d borrowed her car and accidentally left it in there! She took a pic of it and send it to us, saying….I sure hope this didn’t occur in my car! I figured if she was bent out of shape or concerned about it she would say more or ask more (it was VERY explicit and very kinky, lol), but we are who we are, and we are happy and healthy, so it is what it is!

      • Lol! Well, it’s funny that she said that about her car. Most people would act like it never happened I think. 😄
        As for me- I was way too pissed off to be embarrassed. 👿😆

  4. Bwaaaaaahaha!! That’s greatness!! The clips on the ends of our restraint system are forever refusing to stat tucked nearly between mattress & box.
    I’m laughing so hard… making my bike riding difficult!

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