Bridge of Dreams

M and I stopped to see a covered bridge on the way home from our getaway.

Bridge of Dreams
Ohio’s Longest Covered Bridge

From a distance



Cheesy hand holding pic

10 thoughts on “Bridge of Dreams

  1. Cool! It looks like you’re able to drive across it… can you? (I’ve seen a few that do not allow cars any longer.) I’ve driven over a couple in my life and being so afraid of heights, I was completely freaked out!

    • Thanks! They no longer allow cars to drive on it, but as we were leaving, an Amish horse and buggy used it! I’m afraid of heights too, so they freak me out a little. A few years ago, I ran on the bridge that connects Michigan to Canada. There are big gaps between the surface the cars drive upon and the berm thingy. You could seriously fall right through!! It was metal and open and scary as hell! The drippy tunnel under the river to get back to Michigan wasn’t fun either!

      • Oh! I could not handle the metal, open bridge! I was clutching the steering wheel so tight just from driving across the Coronado bridge in San Diego when I visited California years ago… and that’s a regular traffic bridge, but over water and quite long! Not as charming as the covered bridges, of course! But they all scare me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love your pictures of this covered bridge, the second one is perfect! I also love the cheesy hand holding pic, Dang… his hand totally engulfs yours ๐Ÿ˜€

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