Daddy told me a story
About how the kingdom was won
Grandma spun a tale
About making something outta none

My teacher began a fable with
Once upon a time
Mommy fed me a saga
About how stripping women of power is crime

I listened to their stories
Absorbed every word
But I watched how they behaved
And all the words got blurred

Words are very powerful
But in my impressionable youth
Why couldn’t anyone
Just show me the truth?

~photo credit

15 thoughts on “Truth

    • Yeah, it is! Some things were easier to uncover and learn than others. Some I had no idea there was even anything to uncover or learn! I wasn’t blindly accepting, I was just naive in many ways. My heart just accepted things as they were because that’s just how things were! I didn’t know any different or that another option existed! That process is the most difficult, and takes the longest. For me, at least.

  1. Gosh…. I know this feeling intimately. Everyone pretending and no one being real with me, just repeating the same patterns they were taught without any free thought. I remember being very little and being so confused at the big peoples behavior. Thinking, even though I couldnt speak in sentences yet, “why are they ACITNG so funny” I remember thinking the things they told me were wrong but allowing them to convince me otherwise because, well, they were big and I was just little and didn’t know. Now it is about seeing and confronting all those lies and programmed behaviors. “That is the way things are done, so that is the way we must do it.” never really worked for me, even though I let them convince me it did.
    Nice writing Kay!

    • Yes! And questioning why they didn’t choose a different route when it was glaringly apparent this one was not the right one! You very much described most of my childhood. Thank you for relating…although, I’m sorry you can! Thanks, Devonne.

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