Let Me

come, rest in your chair
and I at your feet,
I can’t wait to hear your voice,
to look into your eyes

talk to me, unload the day’s triumphs and throes,
use me as your punching bag,
let me be your shelter,
your wings, your relief,
your place of celebration and elation 

don’t hold back, I want it all!
let me absorb your presence,
light and dark and all the in-between

let me, I need you;
giving you what you need
satisfies something 
marrow deep within me

your smile is my heart’s torch,
your touch is my body’s energy supply,
and your laugh is my soul’s pilot light

being with you
makes my world spin 
perfectly on its axis,
gravity pulling me
directly to you,
where I belong 

need me, I need you to(o)

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