Living In Color

in the spaces between
the heaven’s stardust and sand, 
spirits paint in color
with vibrant, carefree hands

she absorbs their artwork
from morning to night,
each of her senses
revelling in their delight

waking, there’s the sound
of cerulean blue,
and later she hums a beat
a sunset-orange hue

her love follows a breeze,
alive, like ripe amethyst pistons, 
and she weeps to the chirping
of a grey dove’s persistence 

laughing, deep belly laughs 
a sweet cherry-red wine,
and dancing to a cadence
of whispering green pine

tired eyes’ reluctantly closing
to omnicient caves black, 
after praying to a collectiveness, 
golden Ra’s rays upon her back

and she feels others’ radiated colors, 
maybe to you that sounds silly, 
but if she looked in your direction,
what color would you be?

Well? Do tell!

~photo credit

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