Today I’m afraid. I’m also worried and ecstatic and empathetic and sad. I’m teary and laughy and tired and want to do a thousand things at once. I’m nervous. 

But, mostly I’m afraid. 

I’m afraid, because hope is huge. Gigantic. When history has shown you that hope has the largest potential for hurt, even hope itself is scary. And yet, I hope. He hopes. We hope. He needs me to hope.

We hope enough to smile. We hope enough to be relatively calm and plan for the best. We expect hope to carry us through.

I’m afraid, because sometimes hope isn’t enough. I know so. 

Yes, I also know myself, and I know him, so I know that no matter what, we’ll make the best of whatever happens. We always hope. I do.

But this time, I really want hope to win. I want him to win. I want a happy ending, the one for which we HOPE. He deserves it.

Hope with me?

~photo credit traceepersiko.com

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