Happy Accident

Bob Ross’s face has been between my legs.

I swear!

M is a goofball. He is silly and witty and funny, all the time. We often laugh until we cry, even in the bedroom, amidst all sorts of activities. 

One recent evening, we’d just had some kinky fun. I was on my back on the bed, and when M got up, he grabbed the nearest cloth to do some preliminary clean up until we made it to the bathroom. The nearest cloth happened to be his most favorite shirt – the Bob Ross t-shirt I bought him at Target about 15 years ago. He slid his hand inside the shirt and behind Bob’s face. He then animated Bob, purposefully speaking in Bob’s voice, using Bobisms, as Bob made his way between my legs. Face first. 

So I will forever blush and giggle when I see M’s t-shirt, and Bob’s face. Also Bob’s show, which our kids love to watch.

‘Happy little trees’ and ‘happy accidents’ will never be the same.

-image credit eBay.com

28 thoughts on “Happy Accident

  1. LOL! I love Bob Ross. I will now always associate the two in my mind. I wonder what he would think about that. I bet Bob Ross was a freak in the sheets, lol.

  2. Kay, can I link to this post? I found a Bob Ross/Prince meme that is hilarious but I didn’t want to post without your permission!

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