Save It

save it
I’ve heard it all before
no need to back pedal
or think so quickly 
on your toes
trying to explain
it all away
with excuses
and beefy 

don’t you dare
twist and pull
and try to point
that poison
back at me

it’s not me
it’s you

own it
or walk away

because if you don’t,
I will

~image credit Pinterest

14 thoughts on “Save It

  1. Yes. This. I’m too old for friendships with these undertones. (Maybe this is a totally different topic, but it made me think of interactions with former friends…because inevitably, I had to walk).

  2. Strikes with me today, too. I’m having lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in years. Last time, I think she set up for us to ‘accidentally’ run into an ex-of both of us!

      • I don’t confront well….and yet, I feel like an ass avoiding. I’m learning to let go when I should, and maybe to appreciate some for what they are, and not expect any more. I think that’s tough, because I give everything.

      • Exactly! But it generally doesn’t stop me from the giving part, or hasn’t historically. Now, though, I know there are all sorts of friendships, and having a few of the more shallow type is fine, but it’s not my preference, and I just don’t have the time for it. Literally and figuratively!

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