Always Been


My ass may bear his marks,

And I may honor on my knees,

Maybe our desires run dark,

And I must always ask with,”please”

Perhaps I follow written rules,

Respond quickly to his baritone,

Maybe he yields specific tools,

When I disobey a known

Maybe with every breathe I take,

I exhale in absolute bliss,

This life is more than a choice we make,

It’s natural, evolved from our first kiss

Thus my heart was woven to his,

Beating to just one rhythm,

This organic place we’ve reached truly is,

Where we are headed and where we’ve been

And apart from all the ‘protocol’,

That demonstrates our roles,

Which allow me to be my whole self, even small,

And he to lead, one common goal

It’s soul deep affirmation,

Open eyes that see, rejoice,

Allowing authentic selves fruition,

And every feeling given a voice

It’s more than kink, toys, and structure,

That may look confusing outside in,

He and I are very sure,
I’m his;
I’ve always been

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