The Wind

I cannot control the wind
or it’s constant metamorphose,
I listen to the rustling of the leaves
and watch the tree tops sway,
I feel it’s force against my cheeks
as my heels dig into the ground

I fight achingly against each sudden surge
and lean in with all my might,
while it gainfully gusts
and steadily swirls
any way it chooses,
with no conscience, no regret

until I’m left squarely standing,
slightly swaying like the tops of trees,
I close my eyes, feet firmly planted,
listening to more than the leaves

I hear my inner voice, shouting,
‘I have not acquiesced’

for, I know,
I cannot control the wind,
nor can it control me

-Image credit, reworking of an old poem for inclusion in the Dverse open link night


carpenter, artist
gymnast, writer
handicap, basket case 
drama queen, igniter

instead of the most convenient
in lieu of simple boxes
we must see one another other clearly
accepting the paradoxes

protector, intellectual
comedian, advisor 
enabler, martyr
crybaby, miser

stretching perceptions
and challenging beliefs
encouraging expression
and offering relief

provider, debater
helper, teacher
dictator, complainer
whiner, preacher

till death do us part 
in sickness and in health
loving unconditionally
is where we’ll find wealth

-image credit via Google 


pitter patter
‘cross the floor
evil tricking

teeth gnawing
scratching incessant 
can’t be still
another second

chasing silent
am I crazy?
did I just hear it?
my head is hazy 

waiting game
round and round and round
the clock

upon the ceiling 
in the walls
fast and furious
down the halls

tiny monsters
sharp and hairy
invading, invading
my sanctuary


I thought you’d vanished
welcome back…
aren’t you famished?
how ’bout a snack?

~Image credits and, respectively 

Hollow (limerick)

Spent your days climbing the ladder
Striving to covet what matters
Chunk of the pie a must
While love collected dust
In the end, left hollow and shattered

-image found via Google at

-created as part of Ronovan Writes’ haiku challenge. Yes, I do know it’s not a haiku! I mixed up two challenges…..and so here’s a limerick. Maybe next week I’ll get it straight. 


the rains finally came
in a torrential downpour,
all the what-ifs
and could-have-beens
pelting her,
blowing sideways
in billowing gusts of 
anger and shame,
sending her to her knees

covering her face with her hands,
she attempted to stop
the wicked onslaught,
but there was no longer
anything she could do
to protect her from herself

here she was,
past and present
in the perfect storm,
born of fear,
born of silence

when the swollen mourning drops
slowly began to dissipate,
and the winds of regret slowed,
she rose again,
her flesh tattooed
with the thousands
of words fear enticed her
into never speaking

her heart now visible
on the outside,
for the world to see,
for her to always

-images found in Tumblr


she’s got this vibe goin’ on, 
wearin’ this long, 
snow white boho skirt flowin’ ‘round her calves, 
her gray colored tank shirt 
showin’ off the subtle up-curve 
of her collarbone, 
and that place where the  
skin dips just above, 
beggin’ to be kissed, 
her graceful feet slid into 
easy Birkenstocks, 
dainty toes glitterin’ a 
cotton candy pink 

she has this glowin’ auburn
hair I wanna run 
my fingers through, 
cascadin’ in waves 
’round her soft shoulders 

her beauty is effortless, 

but it’s her smile that gets me, 
the way her eyes light up 
and her nose crinkles just so, 
that tiny dimple on the left side 
where her smile is slightly wider, 
like she knows somethin’ I don’t, 
but I want to 

oh God, I wanna to know it all 

she’s an earth goddess, 
and she’s gonna rule my world 

-image credit Pinterest 

Left Behind

you helped me to pick up the pieces,
to begin to mend and to hope,
your love gathering momentum,
tessellating itself around
my heart,
creating something I’d only
ever dreamt 

you let me count on you,
believe in you,
need you 

and then you spoke those words,
ominous, dark clouds wafting 
toward me,
filling all the space 
between forced breaths

those words I’ll never forget,
but watching your back
as you walked away,
that’s when my breathing stopped,
that’s when I shattered into a million pieces of stained glass,
becoming only the lead shell
you left behind

I gave you everything,
and you left me frail,
nothing of who I once was

who we could have been,

-created for the daily prompt (tapping into feelings, not created in the wake of any current happening), image credit


insecurity grips
when I’m unsure
or anxious;
when I’m silent
and don’t say a word

insecurity turns to fear
when I feel wounded
or forgotten;
when I’m quiet 
and don’t say a word

fear turns to loathing
when I seem invisible,
or inferior

when I’m silent 
and don’t say a word

-image credit Tumblr

“People only get really interesting when they begin to rattle the bars of their cages.”

Alain de Botton