She Waits, Part One



*Some of you who’ve been following for a long while may have read this story a couple years ago. I’ve given it a bit of a facelift, trying to exercise the muscles and begin again to write some short stories. This one has six parts. I hope you enjoy!*

“Yes, Sir,” she replies in a small voice, as she kneels on the edge of the bed, unclothed, watching him turn from in front of her and leave the room. Pulling her feet from under her bottom, she leans backward and stretches out, lying her back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She knows she should move quickly, he might be back in a few minutes, but the air on her nakedness is so comforting, despite the goosebumps that keep rippling across her skin. Breathe, she says to herself, mimicking the words he so often speaks to her when she is nervous. In a long breath, she exhales, closing her eyes. Was it relief? Or nervousness?

For the entire day, as she worked, her thoughts had been occupied with him. He was all she could think about; this was all she could think about. That’s not out of the ordinary, but today was different. 

More than anything, she hates to disappoint him, and he’d explained to her last night that she’d done just that, and she was going to be receiving her first punishment tonight. It had left her feeling weighted and sullen, but also something else, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Something that made her smile, inexplicably, and squirm in her office chair.

She had replayed the situation over and over in her mind. Still, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get over the fact that she is being punished for forgetting his razor blades at the grocery store. A year ago she would have told him to go get his own razor blades or start helping with the grocery list. She would have been angry with him, angry with herself. There would have been so many words left unsaid behind the many that were, a tiptoed, circular dance that would leave them both feeling restless, a knowing that something was left unfinished. Yet, today, she had knelt on the edge of this bed, resolve and calm washing over her. Today, she is preparing herself to accept a punishment. It is deserved, she knows. Desperately, she craves the accountability. She’s harder on herself than anyone else could ever be, and she knows the accountability, his accountability, will allow her to let that go, to begin to forgive herself. But, it’s much more than that.

Just now, as he’d given her his instructions, she’d realized just how overwhelming it is that he’d care enough to actually carry it out, that she means so much to him that he wanted to……that’s the warm feeling that had been swirling around in her belly all day, the delicious anticipation that mixed with the cold churning of nervousness and disappointment in herself.

She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the look on his face when he told her she would be punished. It matched the face she’d just seen as he’d spoken his instructions. It was stern. It was sexy. It was love.

And it had left her wet and wanting. 

Crawling quickly to the top of the bed, she pushes the pillows out of the way. Wanting nothing more than to please him, her body moves with ease as she carries out his exact instructions. Getting into position, she lies on her belly, her cheek flat against the cool sheet, long hair off to the side exposing her neck. Her eyes close, savoring the silky softness against her thighs as she pulls her knees beneath her. She shivers a little as she spreads her knees apart just a bit, the air sharp as it hits the wet, exposed parts of her.

As she begins to pull her arms behind her back, she sees that he’s laid the crop near the top of the bed. Lips parting in a coy smile, she quickly grabs the crop and places it, perfectly balanced, between her toes, and hurriedly slides the rest of her body back into position. At the last minute, she lifts her legs off the bed, pointing her toes to the sky, a presentation.

It’s a risk, she knows. She waits and she knows.

~photo credit Tumblr

23 thoughts on “She Waits, Part One

  1. I loved/love the story so much. To this day, remains the only one D has read and couldn’t put it down. So glad you’re doing this.

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