Contentment used to scare the shit out of me. I thought it might mean stagnancy, boring sameness. Blah.

And then I began to challenge what I thought I knew. To look my fears in the face, size myself up.

I’ve got a lot more of that to do in this lifetime. And I know I’ll always push at the boundaries of contentment, running head first into it, stretching it. Stepping outside the lines and reconfiguring it.

I used to wonder if that meant I’d never be happy.

Now, I get excited to see where else happy might take me.

Contentment is feeling safe to explore. To move and stretch and grow. Be.

Contentment is highly underrated.

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17 thoughts on “Underrated

    • Thank you, Rita. I think Calen is right – contentment is appreciating what you have. Happiness waxes and wanes as we grow and evolve. But contentment can always be.

    • I think so too! The safe and secure feeling it brings breeds courage to explore and grow. I think we all could use more! I have a lot more courage to foster and use. I hope to never stop.

      Here’s to you finding more of both! 💜

  1. I need to work on contentment. I tend to be a ‘grass is always greener’ and ‘look back with regret’ kind of person. Neither of those attitudes are particularly healthy. Writing is a great way of working some of that out, though… And interacting with people who are struggling with and/or have found answers to help them along the way… ❤

    • I understand! I have always been that way, too. It has taken and still takes effort to remind that voice (that says the grass is greener or ruminates with regret) that I am content. That we are. That I’m loved and whole (and worthy of that!). I agree that writing helps and interacting with others has been invaluable!!

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