silken legs straddle paisley ottoman
hungry eyes searing
wiggle grin wiggle grin

cuban stockings delicately clipped 
nimble fingers roaming
rock press rock press 

lacey black garter hugging hips
tickling tongue trailing
gasp moan gasp moan

frayed Levi’s unzipping
uninhibited words directing 
lip biting lip biting

taut muscles bend and lower
throbbing stiffness penetrating 
breath catching breath catching 

arching spine
throwing head back
lean squeeze lean squeeze

coiling hips
rocking rhythmic
oh god oh god

hand circling throat
bodies furiously grinding
slap flap slap flap

three words coaxing crescendo
“come with me,” commanding
ripple quiver ripple quiver

“good girl”

-image credit Tumblr

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