She Waits, Part Five


She Waits, Part One

She Waits, Part Two

She Waits, Part Three

She Waits, Part Four

As she remains in the kneeling position, the ample curve of her ass rests on her heels, her body leaning back against his chest. She could swear she is able to feel the current of blood flowing just beneath his flesh and wonders if it might be passing through her, too. Her heart beats a rhythm matching his, her breath, in and out, mirrors his, her thoughts are on only him and how he makes her feel. The very essence of her is tethered to him, and it’s so alive.

His sturdy frame grounds her as it holds her upright, his subtle movements her focus, keeping her in the moment. Her body has been fine-tuned to respond to him, their connection making it possible, and it aches relentlessly for him. Reaching down, deftly aware of her hunger, he glides the backs of his fingers along her rib cage, crossing her stomach and stopping just below her navel. The warmth and softness of his fingers paired with the firmness of his nails passing over her skin, up and over the ridges of rope, ever so slightly pushing its roughness against her, is so heavenly. Trying her best to keep from giving away just how turned on she is, she locks her jaw into his in the nape of her neck, leaning her cheek onto his and slowly exhales as she anticipates the direction in which he’s moving. 

Just as the last bit of air leaves her lungs, he reaches down and gives the knot in the rope covering her clit a gentle, upward tug, keeping the tension tight. Bucking upward toward the tightness, her hips rise off her heels. A sharp gasp fills the air, muffled by the clenching of teeth, and she realizes, as the goosebumps form upon her skin, that it has escaped her own lips. 

Instinctively, she reaches up with both arms to grasp around his neck, turning her head just enough to meet his lips. Enclosing over hers instantly, his mouth is warm and wet, their tongues and lips intertwined, the need passing between them. Groaning softly into her mouth, he tugs and slides the rope side to side, the tension tight against her, teasing and building and priming. With his other hand, he reaches up and grabs her chin, pulling her mouth from his.

Resting his forehead upon her own, he sternly says, “I told you to be still, My Love. That wasn’t a request. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’ll be punished for not following my instructions. Again.”

“Yes, Sir. I can’t wait….Sir.”

“Such a smart mouth you have, My Love. It’s going to get you into trouble, too,” he says through a coy grin that he knows she can’t see.

This time, her lips purse, trying to stifle the grin she knows is coming. As she does, she is surprised when she feels him reach for her arms. She had thought he was finished with the tie, but he is not. Around and around her arms near her wrists, the rope winds in a basic pattern, then up through the middle and around the existing rope, almost like a bow. He repeats the same above her elbows, and now her arms are immobile behind her back.

“I’m going to lie you on your back now, Love. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

As he lays her gently onto her back, he pushes her legs up so her ankles meet the backs of her thighs. Again, he repeats the same simple tie on her legs, fastening her in that position. His fingers linger and smooth and position the rope just so, and she knows he is teasing her on purpose, reminding her who is in charge. God, she loves his reminders.

Leaning in between her legs, arms on either side of her upper body, he barely brushes the growing part of himself against her, giving her only the slightest taste of how much he is enjoying himself. Leaning in a little further, he almost kisses her. His tongue grazes her lips, but does not enter. His breath is hot on her mouth, his own lips threatening to engulf her, but they do not. Just the faintest of kisses touches her lips, leaving her wanting for more, so much more.

He leans down again and just when she thinks he’s going to kiss her, really kiss her, with his irresistibly commanding voice, he whispers in her ear.

“Now, My Love, I’m going to make you beg. You’ll beg for more. You’ll beg me to stop. There’s no doubt you’ll be begging, but only when I allow it. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replies, already beginning to tremble.

-image credit Tumblr, part six, the final will come soon

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