Hollow (limerick)

Spent your days climbing the ladder
Striving to covet what matters
Chunk of the pie a must
While love collected dust
In the end, left hollow and shattered

-image found via Google at fullhdpictures.com

-created as part of Ronovan Writes’ haiku challenge. Yes, I do know it’s not a haiku! I mixed up two challenges…..and so here’s a limerick. Maybe next week I’ll get it straight. 

16 thoughts on “Hollow (limerick)

    • Yes!! Me too. I think it takes some work for many to see that, and some never do. I was one of them. And I still have trouble balancing what I know I want to do for my family and what I’ve allowed my job to demand. But I’m certainly making efforts to change that!

      • Kay, I sincerely hope you learn this quicker than I did, I’m 62 and trying to rekindle our relationship…

      • It’s never too late for a happy ending. I truly believe that! It’s never too late to try.

        I’m 44, and began to really look inward and face so many old beliefs and fears a few years ago. I began a journey of knowing me, and in turn have more to offer. That meant seeing my husband with clearer eyes and offering him the real me. It also meant seeing my relationships with my girls clearly and giving them what they deserve, and what I truly want and need to offer them. And as far as work goes…its been a process of reconfiguring it to better fit my needs as well as the needs of my clients. It’s not so tough when I’m honest with people. It does, however, weed out the ones who don’t care for honesty or who don’t care to value me and my family, as I honor their value to/of theirs.

        Welcome, Barney. It’s lovely to meet you. Thanks for your heartfelt comment!

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