Forgive Me

Forgive me

I’m in need of release
the day was so long
and it all went very wrong 
so I’m taking it all off, piece by piece 

Forgive me

I’ve got a fiesty attitude
no one was nice
I almost cried twice
conquer me, I need to be subdued

Forgive me

I feel like raisin’ some hell
my brain is full-tired
but my body is live-wired
ready to be under your spell

Forgive me

I’m gonna beg-and-plead more
tie me to the bed?
make my bottom red?
I’ll be waiting, knees to the floor

Forgive me

I’m addicted to sin
made a deal with your beast
on me he can feast
with a wicked, hungry grin

No need to Forgive Me
I’d do it all again 
I’m both hawk and wren 
and this is how I’ll always be 

-image found via Tumblr

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