Were Not Some Part of Her

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Diary of a Married Woman

there was once a hole in her heart where no love would grow,
a void not desolate, no,
it was an urban uproar,
expectations as tall and as
sharp as skyscrapers,
all angles and edges,
streets littered with elbows
and crowded corners,
she a pedestrian on an
endless, one-way route
of regret,
her yearning a suffocating
smog, a desperate redness
swelling in her tired chest,
droplets of shameful acid rain
eroding roads,
rationalizations the pits and falls on the map to nowhere

were not some part of her
made of steel and concrete,
her soul would have suffocated,
her lungs would have exploded against the weight

were not some part of her
a cartographer, bravely charting the void, the child inside would never have ventured forth
to find nourishment

were not some part of her
a gardner, feeding the green
amongst the steel and concrete,
her heart would not now

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8 thoughts on “ Were Not Some Part of Her

  1. Kay, Just caught this, which is marvellously well written – you are a very confident and precise writer… Truly a pleasure to read… With Best Wishes xxx

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