Ahh, look at her –
there’s something inevitable about her that draws me in, 
my eyes can’t get enough,
I’m addicted

she has this quiet, humble confidence and these kind, welcoming eyes,
a classic, artful line about her

the graceful curve of her shoulder muscles eluding to her tranquil strength, 
her delicate neck and the unpretentious way she holds herself, mesmerizing,
a tactile symmetry that whispers my name

the way the silky, black fabric rests on the soft edges of her collarbone, 
making me wish I could follow them beneath,
her exposed upper back begging for soft kisses, 
for finger trails that cause the rest to arch in anticipation,
making me want to see just that

and there she sits, 
tucking in a few stray strands of that beautiful, auburn hair,
twisted so effortlessly off her shoulders,
completely unaware of the attention, 
her beauty so natural, 
an easy, feminine elegance,
all woman,

I’m gonna walk over there,
gonna wrap my arms around her and lead her to dance floor,
kiss the muscled line running from behind her ear and down her neck,
the one that leads to that inviting dip in her clavicle

I’m gonna listen to her gasp against my cheek, 
feel her heartbeat quicken beneath my palms

I’m gonna hold her so close,
she won’t ever forget how I feel about her,
she won’t ever remember a time she wasn’t loved

-image credit Tumblr, shared in response to open mic night at d’Verse. Love poetry? Click the link for more open mic entries.

66 thoughts on “Mine

    • Thank you so much, Drew! I’ve only ever done one other from a male perspective, but it’s fun to do, so I intend to do more. I think so, too, that I hope that’s what goes through a man’s mind. I only know how I feel and what I’m told, and channeled that into the piece. I hope it’s true of many!

  1. “A time she wasn’t loved” This last line got to me. Pretty women all over the world still get jerks in their lives and they get hurt too. It sounds unfair but it really happens. We can only hope we find someday, someone who will take the hurt away and make us forget what it was like to be unloved. Great poetry, effortless and beautiful. Well done!

    • They do, Deb. It’s not unfair, because you’re right, it does happen. A lot. I also believe there are many men out there who look at women this way and want to be this for a woman, but aren’t appreciated. I believe we all want and need a love that makes us forget what it was ever like to be or feel unloved!! Thank you so much. 💜

  2. I had to read this post 3 times. I could keep reading it over and over again. There’s something about it that makes it intriguing. It’s so lovely. Keep it up👌

  3. Lovely. I’m glad I made the effort to come over and read, although I wasn’t able to come by the link at dVerse because it wasn’t working. I had to just type your url into the address line.

  4. Very, very moving. The physical descriptions in your words flow like the dance at the end. All smooth transitions and dips the music rolling through the hall.

    • Thank you, Grace! It’s fun (for me) to change perspective sometimes, draw upon how I feel, and imagine his thought processes. Beloved….that’s a perfect word. Thank you so much for reading!💜

    • Thank you so much, Maria. It’s what I always wished someone would be thinking about me. Today, inspired by the man who makes me feel as I imagine she must feel. Thank you for reading…it lead me to your blog…💜

      • Awee..that’s so lucky of you Kay to have found that kind of man. Every woman needs a man like that. 😊 💕

        You’re most welcome. I’m glad I found your blog too.

  5. Sensual …I especially love the last stanza ” I’m gonna hold her so close,/she won’t ever forget how I feel about her,/she won’t ever remember a time she wasn’t loved”.

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