heavy door’s hinge, trepidus creak
quaking fingers grip, curious peek
hungry light seeks

one moment brave, the next meek
words filling space to high-pitched squeak 
am I a freak?

counting on you to speak
blushing piqued
apprehension sneaks

knees weak, exhibitionist streak
what’s the mystique?
guide me, cheek to cheek

use your cautious technique 
lead, push open the door, in a couple weeks
swinging open more doors, desires tweaked

hinges no longer squeak 
hold my hand, to the peak 
ours, unique

22 thoughts on “Hinges

  1. Wow, it’s so hard to rhyme at all (let alone repeatedly, insistently, relentlessly like this) and make a poem so dense, intense, immense. And sophisticated. I look forward to following your blog.

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