52 thoughts on “Sunday Reading

    • I looked it up and it sounds good! Sounds like you’re enjoying it. I love thought provoking, bleak, and beautiful. One of my all time favorites is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I cried my eyes out, but what a beautiful story that made me think.

      I’m glad you enjoyed The Girl on the Train! I’m enjoying it so far. It’s a unique perspective, and I always appreciate that. Too bad there’s not a book club….

    • I just read the synopsis and it sounds really good! I used to devour suspense and crime dramas (I was a criminology major) one after the other, but haven’t read one in quite some time. I’m so happy you are enjoying it, and thanks for introducing me to a new author!πŸ’œ

  1. Hi Kay! I’m reading two books back and forth. “Edo Culture” which is a long slog, and one that I glanced at years before but now have gone seriously into is: “A Woman, A Man, and Two Kingdoms” by Francis Steegmuller. It’s about an 18th century relationship between a titled woman and a abbe from Naples. She’s from France. It’s not fiction. It is engrossing!

    • Hi, Jane! I’m fascinated by sociology and cultures, so the subject matter in Edo Culture is of interest, although I’m not sure I could read an entire book on at this point, lol. Maybe for research or something for writing! I could listen to a lecture and talk to people all day long, haha. The other sounds very interesting as well! I looked at the synopsis and some of the reviews, it sounds like a story about a beautiful friendship. I always appreciate that. Enjoy your reading. Thank you!

      • You are welcome! At my age, I think that reading everything viable is important. Don’t know how long my eyes will hold out. LOL! Diabetes don’t help. You see that both of the books are worlds apart: One of Japan (but not modern Japan) and one of France and Naples in the pre revolutionary war years. Amazing stuff. Unfortunately, Madame d’Epinay’s son’s heart was ripped out and eaten by some rioting peasants during the revolution. She didn’t live long enough to learn of that. From what she writes, her son was a good man. Quel dommage!

  2. I just finished “Defy the Dawn,” by Lara Adrian, the latest in the Midnight Breed series. I may go to a non-fiction one now from my list of help and healing books for me to read. I can only read one and then need to process before I delve into another one.

    • Romance! I love a good romance…I spent a few years devouring them, after reading my first in the genre, which happened to include power exchange elements. In the last few years I’ve only read a few, mostly by friends. I’m not a huge sci-if or

    • Romance/Erotica! I love a good erotica book. For a few years I devoured them, after stumbling upon my first in the genre, which happened to include power exchange elements. I’d never read a romance or erotica novel before that! But for the last few years, I have only really read the ones written by a friend, and one other. I think maybe I needed time to listen to my own voice and grow this with M, if that makes any sense.

      I do also enjoy self help or healing books occasionally. I am reading one of BrenΓ¨ Brown’s books and often listen to her talks and interviews. I love TED talks! Anyhow…I’m the same. I need a while to process before diving in to another. Sometimes I need to read the book in increments in order to process!

      Good morning!πŸ’œ

      • Good morning!

        Me too on romance/erotica books. It is relaxing for me to just turn my thinking brain off and simply fall into a story. When reading power exchanged toned ones, it also seems to open up the wells of feelings inside me too … feeding them a bit if you will.

        I do the same thing with reading self-help/therapy books in small doses to process along the way; especially if the book resonates with me.

      • It is relaxing for me too, and I have missed it! I bought several books not long ago and am slowly working my way through them. I don’t get through them as fast as I used to, because I write quite a bit too and it is such a need for me as well. But I’m happy to again be reading.

        Btw, your tattoo is beautiful! I got another one a few months ago. I think this process of knowing myself and accepting all the parts of me has unlocked countless pieces I’d not considered before, and one was tattoos and piercings. I wouldn’t do some of that before, even though I wanted to (felt called to even!). Now I don’t care what anyone else thinks! I got my nose pierced, got another tattoo, will be getting more, and M says my nipples are being pierced very soon. 😳

      • Time to read! I know … I love to read and I don’t just take the down time I can and do it. I used to sit here and read, but I find my self doing other things – too often watching TV and scrolling through Facebook. Although, I didn’t used to work out either and I think my reading slowed down some when I started working out and especially since being divorced and working out because I have all the house things to do in addition to the me things. I want to get back to it though.

        Thanks about my tattoo! I had thought about it for a very long time. My original plan was to do it when I turned 50,which was almost 4 years ago. Then it was when I got to my goal weight. But, I decided that now was the time and Austin was the perfect place to do it!!

        I got my left tragus pierced last Thanksgiving as a sign of my submissiveness and for me. I got my belly button piercing done 13 or 14 years ago. MC got my clit hood pierced, it was something he had long talked about and I was excited about it. Once I knew in my heart and soul we were over, I removed it. I could never imagine being intimate with anyone have it in. Honestly I can’t imagine being intimate with anyone – as in ever – at this point. But I had to remove it.

        I want to get another tattoo, on the inside of my wrist. The triple moon and flowers above it. I’ll get my kids initials in the full moon and my granddaughter’s (and any other grands that come) in the waning moon. I want something in the waxing moon, but I don’t know what yet. I’m still pondering designs.

        I agree on the realization of self opening me up to these adornments and expressions!!

      • You are brave with the hood piercing! The moon tattoo sounds awesome! I think it’s important to make time for the things that refuel our tanks…it’s a tough balance, though. Here’s to finding the balance!

      • Here’s to balance!! The hood piercing itself wasn’t bad, discovering I was highly sensitive to anything but titanium jewelry was not a fun process though!!

      • Oh shit! OOOOOUUUUCH (I said that in my best E.T. Voice…lol). It look me long enough to figure out what my clit was for, so I ain’t messing with it’s functionality! Haha!

      • If you ever do have your nipples pierced, you might want to consider going with titanium jewelry from the beginning. The piercer who discovered this with me explained that body piercing is different than ear piercing especially areas where there is fluid, like genital or nipple piercings. They weren’t expensive, and better to be safe than sorry. I was pretty miserable for a while!

      • Thank you! I have a sensitivity with my ears, so I went with titanium from the start with my nose! I’d definitely do the same with my boobies! Lol. Ouch!

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