Waiting, a Limerick

Every breath was an anvil pressing down,
A weight so heavy, she thought she might drown.
Or maybe she hoped,
At the end of her rope;
The wait torture, watching clock circle ‘round.

The door creaked open, new face peaking out,
Dreamy eyes, warm smile, expression devout.
Sighing, she just knew,
She’d rope him in, too;
In his eyes, she’d seen easiest route.

-Shared in response to the daily prompt (wait), the DVerse Homophone (weight/wait, new/knew) prompt, and Mind and Life Matters’ homonym limerick challenge (rope). Click the links to join in and read more! Image credit Inc.com.

30 thoughts on “Waiting, a Limerick

      • Totally understand. I can’t write anything of too much substance because I have some nervous/excited energy about Saturday. Hope all is well with you!

      • Oh, it’s this Saturday! Oh boy! To tell the truth this Friday I turn 50 and I’m having a problem with it. Somehow 50 feels like it closes the door on things that were still possible in my 40’s -it’s weird… I may post about it, you know, so everyone feels sorry for me! LOL!

      • Ahhh. That’s not weird at all and it wouldn’t be people feeling sorry for you! It would be people relating and even not feeling alone, and vice versa. Also, hearing other perspectives lends a lot to the thinking practices and patterns that maybe aren’t so healthy! And amplifies those that are! Anyhow, I think writing about our joys as well as sorrows is the healthy. It’s life, in all its real glory, lol.

      • I welcome the gloom along with the sunny and everything in between! I’m glad you are able to see the sunny side. It’s not always easy! Looking forward to reading. 💜

      • Oh! And just my quick 2 cents….despite my body image issues, I feel healthier and happier, both physically and emotionally, than I did 20 years ago! I really believe that at 40 and 50, we open more doors than we close! Or, we can, if we so choose.

      • That’s a great outlook. My forties were probably my best decade and it might be that fact that’s giving me pause. But perhaps, like you say, some doors may close but other ones may open. I still feel young at heart, that is for sure! Thank you again!

    • Thank you, Barney!
      That’s okay! I say go with the flow! I go back and forth with whatever strikes me. Having a diary/journal outlet is so helpful. 💜

      • Yea I think my blog is kinda turning into a joufnal, I should carry something though just to write notes, ideas, thoughts etc. Holding them in my head doesn’t work so well, especially at my age. 🙄

      • Lol! I understand! I have a google drive account where I drop ideas, notes, and things that pop up in my head. It’s easily accessible from any device.

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