with a single, brisk flick and a slow, deliberate draw between those inciting,
wet lips,
you set me ablaze,
a deep, amber smoulder,
not unlike throwing tinder to ember still seething under ephemeral ash

the air around us is an oscillating rhythm,
a familiar pulse my body can’t help but remember,
the one that makes my belly flutter in anticipation,
a sensational humming, a rising vibrato,
a thrumming high 

it is pure fire radiating outward,
a slow, but ferocious burn,
aching to be stoked by you

hovering above, there you are,
chest heaving in swells, 
looking down at me, all-consuming,
commanding me with those rapt, hungry eyes,
in them the reflection of all I’m willing to give,
reminding me exactly who I am

I am your eager sizzle,
I am your infinite ache,
I am limitless want and wrecking need,
I am unfiltered surrender,
the slow, savored-with-your-eyes-pinched-shut drag,
inhaled into your depths,
never to leave

I am yours to balance between nimble fingers,
to inspire and expire,
over and again,
until the only tangible part of me 
is where your fingers grip, 
where your lips surround me 

and the rest is just smoke,
billowing in the wind

-image found via Pinterest

23 thoughts on “Ablaze

    • Thanks, Meg. It was supposed to be a metaphor, sort of like sitting and listening to your favorite tune, smoking what feels like the best cigarette in your life, knowing damn well your addicted. Knowing you’re gonna chain smoke the day away. Except not really smoking….lol.

      • In rereading it, I see that now! My mind went straight to the bedroom, though! Lol! I still remember days like that when just listening to music is enough of an activity. I used to smoke, too. And still sometimes crave a cigarette, even 20 years later!

      • It was about sex, lol! Sex is like smoking…addicting, you crave it, you inhale one another…yada yada.
        I used to smoke too. I remember those days well! Music, friends, cards, beer, and smokes. Sometimes just music and smokes. I still do too! It’s been 20 for me too.

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