Meet me, let’s dance on the silvery moon,
Where gravity can’t hold us down,
Meet me atop the mountainous peak,
Where the world is full-surround

Meet me on glorious eagle’s wings,
And we’ll soar to lands unseen,
Meet me, let’s hide under the willow tree,
Where we’ll close our eyes and dream

Meet me over the rolling, hard hills,
Where sweet victory lays its sword,
Meet me (on your lap) in your comfy chair,
And I’ll whisper your favorite words

Meet me in our shadows, dark,
Where no words need pass our lips,
Meet me bare, with fiery flesh,
Speaking with only fingertips 

Meet me each and every morn’,
With tangled limbs and contented hearts,
Meet me amidst the everyday tedium,
Where we’ll close the distance, n’er to part

Meet me, and forever stay, 
For I have always known  –
You are my everything,
My one and only true home

Image found via Pinterest.

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