the thing about people
who mean everthing they say

is that they believe everyone else
does it the same way

and their feelings get so hurt
with the games people play

why can’t everyone
just mean what they say?

17 thoughts on “say

  1. This is such a true poem about something that is a great big problem for some. Certain people on the autism spectrum are very troubled by little white lies or metaphors. And last week I was working in the soup kitchen with a young woman with learning difficulties, and she equated any variation on the truth with lying, which made her angry. Example: a workman said he’d be there at 8.15 (which she saw as a promise), and didn’t make it. How infinitely subtle and variable are our minds.

    • What a good insight! I imagine this rings true with so many people. Yes, absolutely, and understanding that makes a huge difference. Thank you so much for sharing that!

  2. My challenges come for various cultural pockets in the US and Abroad. California Nice doesn’t cut it with this Midwestern Blunt child….Asian avoidance causes problems. I’ve learned to consider the source before while counting to 10 and creating expectations.

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