Winged Wisdom

The blue heron is a gracefully elegant bird with which I have long been enamored. I think I first noticed them years ago, visiting my dad at Indian Lake where he lived with my grandma. He’d moved back to Ohio from Florida, after being gone for many years, mostly because his health was deteriorating. He wanted to be closer to the ones he loved. Those last few years were the best in our relationship. 

Fishing was always a passion of his, and M and I would often fish with him when we visited. We were lucky – blue heron would most always perch or fly nearby. They were breathtaking. Their beauty never escaped me, but it was always their humble grace and patience that stuck with me. I felt like they were always reminding me…..

We’ve camped over the years all over Ohio and in Pennsylvania, and I always look for them. I have many beautiful photos; I fell in love. 

Now, we frequently go on short hikes and walks in our nearby parks and nature preserves around the state. Less than a mile from our house is a beautiful nature preserve, and just a bit further is a bike path through many parks along a creek, a beautiful dam and river system. I still always look for the blue heron, and feel a sort of reverence to the feelings they illicit. 

They are poetry in motion, to me. 

Recently, I looked up some more information about them. I found that the heron’s graceful nature reminds us to follow our hearts, instead of subscribing to conventional wisdom. Their humbly strong demeanor reminds us that our own wisdom is synonymous with our path of self determination. They also remind us to practice patience, to be balanced and wise, and to be in tune with our hearts. All of these speak deeply to me; I aspire to these. 

And so, a blue heron now resides on my arm, a forever reminder. 

32 thoughts on “Winged Wisdom

  1. Beautiful tattoo and wow are you and I connected! 😉
    Just posted myself with a quote from Rumi about following our heart and I saw 2 great blue herons today and at least 4 egrets.
    They are also in the stork family: they are messengers who bring good news.
    Happy New Year, Kay!

  2. That IS beautiful! We have a heron that lands in the trout stream across from our house. They are fascinating birds, so elegant and dignified! What a lovely reminder of your father. 💖💖

  3. Beautifully written and stunning tattoo. I too, have a great appreciation for them. I see them daily on my lake walks, by the shore, fishing for their breakfast. I must have hundreds of pictures of the same one, because I can’t resist the beauty.

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